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Fabric Face Masks

Thank you for visiting our site for fabric face masks. In February, 2020, due to a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) within hospitals, we became aware of the significant need for other options, specifically home-sewn, fabric masks with effective filters, as a backup to the equipment they were being provided. My wife, Dianna, is a Neonatal Respiratory Therapist. At that time, and in the month following, many hospitals were not allowing employees to wear masks at work because of the shortage and CDC recommendations. Once it became apparent that it was necessary to protect employees any way possible, most hospitals became open to the concept of allowing home-sewn masks in the hospital setting.

Our thought was that if we could provide home-sewn masks to hospital workers, their chance of exposure would significantly be reduced. Thus started our hospital mask donation project. To date, we've sewn and donated hundreds of masks, and healthcare workers have been overwhelmingly grateful. Hospitals have been receiving donations of many home-sewn masks, but the feedback we're getting from healthcare workers is that out of all the masks they have received, they prefer ours because of comfort, fit, and effectiveness.

While we continue with our donation program, we are now also selling masks. Blessed with our beautiful farm, we spend our days sewing masks, caring for animals, and creating a huge garden to sustain us in the months ahead.

This site will be dedicated to posting links to our videos on mask/filter care, informational sites, and videos about how to sew your own masks and obtain supplies. We strive to be a resource of information and support during this difficult time. While we haven't invested in the technology to allow online orders and payments, this site should at the very least give you the information for ordering your own mask.

Basic Mask Information

There are two reasons to wear a mask:

1) To prevent infecting others. This is especially important with the latest information showing that up to 60% of those infected with Covid19 may be asymptomatic. Most any cloth mask can achieve this, and as time goes on we'll see more and more establishments requiring a basic mask to be in their establishment (example: Costco is requiring masks for all patrons effective May 4, 2020).

2) To help prevent getting infected from others. This is where a good fitting mask with a filter is important. It is especially important that anyone in the high-risk groups wear this type of mask. This is the type of mask we are making. Please note, effective 07/17/20, custom filters are now optional due to a shortage of filter material.

There is ongoing research into the most effective homemade filters. Based on information provided by materials experts, we designed a filter using MERV15 filter media (see the link to the video below on Mask & Filter Care for more information about MERV) with a textured polyester front. This combination may provide protection against the virus if used and handled correctly, and could be a good alternative for those who do not have N95 masks (which are rightly being reserved for those on the frontlines of this battle).

Our Masks

  • Made from 100% preshrunk cotton.

  • CDC approved pleated design with pocket for filter; soft, 100% cotton muslin lining; bendable nose-piece (dual coated wire, will not rust), and adjustable ear loops which can be hooked together to wear behind the head instead of over ears.

  • Optional custom reuseable filter made from MERV15 non-woven filter material with a textured polyester front.

  • Masks can be handwashed (some healthcare workers are washing in the washing machine and having good results. If you wash in the washing machine, a mesh laundry bag is recommended and hanging to dry). Filters can be disinfected for reuse. Instructions are included.

Price List


$15 each, 3 for $40 (quantities >3 get volume pricing)

Masks come with mask, adjustable 4-Way Spandex ear loops, double-wire bendable nose piece, instructions

Masks will not come with a filter unless you request it. No charge for one filter per mask. Additional filters are $2 each.

When should I order a filter with my masks? If you are a high risk person due to health condition or age, or spend time with people who don't wear masks, you should wear a filter with your mask.


We have just reduced our price on Child masks to help out parents out

$10 each, 2 for $15 (quantities >2 get volume pricing)

Small Up to 30 lb (~2-5 yrs)

Medium 31-70 lb (~6-9 yrs)

Large 70-100 lb (10-12 yrs)

Adult 100+ lbs (~13+ yrs)

If your child is petite or large, you might consider going up or down a size

All Child masks come with Spandex or soft, round elastic for added comfort

Masks will not come with a filter unless you request it. No charge for one filter per mask. Additional filters are $2 each.

Extra Custom Reusable Filters 

$2 each

Standard First Class Shipping (Approximate - your final total will include the actual shipping charge. Tracking numbers will be texted to you)

$3.80 (up to 3 masks)

$5.80 (3+ masks)

Priority 2 day Shipping


N/C for pickup at the farm

If you are not financially able to purchase a mask, but in desperate need, please contact us! We will help you if we can.

(Prices may change without notice due to fluctuations in materials' pricing. However, your price quote at time of order will always be honored).


We know this site has the ability to set-up online ordering, but frankly we don't have the time to set it up right now, so please bear with us with our lack of technology!

Process for ordering: Please text  your order to 425-343-5593

Please Include the following:

-Your name & address (if we are mailing them)

-The designs and sizes (Click on Available Designs button below to see designs)

-How many filters ($2 ea for additional filters - no charge for one filter per mask). Please note, if you don't specify filters, you will not receive a filter with your mask.

You will receive confirmation of your order. When your order is mailed, we will send you the tracking number and a total.

We are often able to fulfill your order within a week. Our longest wait time has been two weeks. We fulfill orders in the order they are received.

Payment can be made with VENMO @maskmomma, Zelle, Messenger, Check or cash . Masks will be sent out USPS or can be picked up at the farm in Silvana (near Stanwood). No charge for pick up.

Thank you for visiting!

Detail 5.jpg
Detail 3.jpg
Detail 1.jpg

We pay great attention to detail, stitching, materials, and design for one of the best fabric masks you can purchase.


(Please note, our material choices change daily. Most of the designs in the photos on this page are not available. Click the Available Designs button above to see current designs.)

Detail 4.jpg
Detail 2.jpg

"Not only are these masks beautiful to look at but the craftsmanship is exceptional! The masks are extremely comfortable, given it's a mask, made with high quality material, and are adjustable to fit any face. Plus as an added bonus it comes with a filter! I highly recommend a mask made by Sharon!" Adrienne, RN

Great info on Masks:

"This mask gives me confidence with it’s proven efficacy that I am not spreading ANY virus to my community. In addition as a woman with asthma and sensitive skin this is the first mask proven to be effective that I don’t want to tear off my face. It’s gentle on my skin, soft yet tight enough for safety and I can breathe effectively. It’s easy to care for, reusable and matches my wardrobe. I highly recommend this product." Tarah W., Stanwood, WA

Fabric Facemask Instructions & Care

-Masks can be lined with the provided filter, surgical masks, other filter material, or can be used to cover N95.

-To wash, remove filter material and hand wash cloth with soap and a brush, rise well. Air dry.

-Filter material can be hung from wire rack in oven with a metal clip and heated at 160-180 degrees for 30 minutes to kil Covid19. Disinfect after each use.

-Adjust ear hooks as needed or clip them together behind the head by looping one bead through the other loop and tightern.

-100% cotton, CDC approved design. Made in a farmhouse with animals, so if allergic, please launder before wearing.

-Filter is MERV15 filter material with polyester front (see video for more info).


-Clean your hands before putting on a clean mask.

-Do not touch your mask (or your face or eyes) while wearing the mask.

-If you need to adjust your mask, clean your hands before and after doing so.

-If you need to remove your mask for eating or drinking, place it on a clean paper towel.

-You can store your clean mask and filter material in a paper bag to allow for breathability.


"I bought these masks for my 20 employees and they are really comfortable compared to the standard n95 masks we were using. They are holding up well even in the metal fabrication shop environment. Thanks for the quality and quick service you give." Steve W., Stanwood, WA

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