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                      About Sharon Shankland

Sharon Shankland has been an artist for over 30 years utilizing many mediums; leaded glass, floral design, watercolor, Native American art, henna body art, and most recently, Silk Painting.  It started with a craft project at a meditation retreat that she runs twice a year.  At the retreat, she instructed the group to painting silk hoops.  The silk hoop kits came with fabric paint, and she was fascinated as to how the paint moved on the silk.  She started experimenting on her own after the retreat and really loved it.  It seemed to be a combination of watercolor and henna application with a little floral design thrown in.  She began researching silk dye, which seemed to produce more vivid color on the silk, but couldn't figure out how apply resist and how to fix the dye on the silk.

During a serendipitous moment, she stumbled upon the Karen Sistek Studio website.  Karen was close, just a few hours away in Port Angeles, and she taught silk painting!  Sharon couldn't wait to become her student.  She began to study with Karen in early 2011.  Karen's techniques are revolutionary!  But her spirit and excitement over silk painting inspired Sharon even further!  Sharon feels that she owes everything she knows about silk painting to Karen.  Sharon says, "Karen's my cheerleader and my most ardent supporter!"  Sharon continues to get her instruction every opportunity she can and says, "When I grow up, I want to be just like Karen!"

Although Sharon is fairly new to painting silk, she has been able to transfer her artistic skills over from many mediums.  She believes she has found her 'forever' artistic love!  She paints every moment she can, and she learns new techniques daily; but she's often surprised!  She loves to paint late into the night and the next morning wakes to her painting and can hardly believe what she's created!

She now has her own studio and manufactures canvas frames for mounting her fine art.

Her goal is to be able to share her art with many so they can enjoy the sensual feel of silk by wearing her scarves, or enjoy the beauty of her fine art in their home.  She is also excited to share her love of silk painting with both children and adult students by teaching.

Sharon lives in the idyllic Pacific Northwest with equally talented wife, Dianna, on a small farm in the country. They fill their days with taking care of their many animals (dogs, cats, geese, turkeys, & chickens), growing their own food, creating art, and being present. 

Thanks for visiting the Sharon Shankland Studio site, and remember that silk art is an affordable luxury!

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