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Fun New Item! Cotton Potholders! $30 Set

Designed after my very favorite potholders, they will always be the first you reach for because they're the perfect size, weight, and most attractive designs. Filled with repurposed heavyweight but pliable cotton blanket material. Handmade with meticulous attention to detail in Silvana, WA. We can make these from any of the material designs on the Mask Designs page (Click on Design Choices Button below).

Country Weathervanes Potholders.jpg
Jewel Iris Potholders.jpg

Country Weathervanes $30 Set

Mando & Grugo Potholders.jpg

Mando & Grugo $30 Set

Jewel Irises $30 Set

Bees Potholders.jpg

Bees $30 Set

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